Protect Your Home

Rain Gutter Cleaning

The gutters installed along your roof line perform two essential functions: removing rainwater from your roof during the rainy season, and allowing snowmelt to run off during the winter. Ensuring your rain gutters are regularly cleaned is crucial to protecting your home.

Prevent Ice Damming

During the colder months, if the water can't properly drain you risk the formation of ice dams along the edges of your roof.

Protect Your Foundation

Ensuring proper functioning of your rain gutters is essential to the movement of water that needs to happen to prevent damaging your home's foundation.

The Importance of Fall Gutter Cleaning

What Are Ice Dams?

Those of us in the north country are no strangers to ice and snow during the colder months. One side effect of the cold that costs home and business owners countless millions per year is ice damming.

An ice dam forms when the gutters that are supposed to carry water off of a roof become clogged. The melting snow creates water that has nowhere to go, and this water freezes when the sun goes down forming the beginning of an ice dam.

As the winter season progresses the ice dam increases in size, eventually preventing water from being removed from your roof at all. Ice fills rain gutters, weighing them down and bending them away from the structure. Standing water on the roof can pry shingles loose when it freezes, working its way down and damaging the roof deck.

Ice dams and large icicles forming along the edge of a roof.
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