Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can blowing out my sprinklers damage my system?

Trying to DIY when blowing out your sprinklers risks not only damage to your system, but could risk injury to you as well. It's important to consider using the services of an experienced professional.

2. Do I Really Need A Professional To Activate My System In the Spring?

Not necessarily, but it's a process that could be easy to get wrong. Also, it can be extremely helpful to have an expert go through the process and test your watering zones to ensure the proper operation of your system before you put it into service for the year.

3. How Often Should I Be Having My Rain Gutters Cleaned?

We recommend twice per year. Gutter cleaning in the spring helps make sure your gutters are functioning as intended during the rainier months. Cleaning again in the late fall removes debris to make sure snow melt is properly removed from your roof during the winter.

Complete Sprinkler Blowout and Gutter Cleaning Services

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